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Awaiting Baby Liam | Maternity Session | Miami, FL

Pregnancy is definitely something that always leaves me in complete awe; it's incredible how God created us with the ability to literally create another whole being. I don't exaggerate when I say that every single time I look at my son, I am absolutely overwhelmed by the miracle that he is. For me, personally, pregnancy sucked. I had every single "symptom" that you could possibly find on Google (and then some!) and because of my experiences with pregnancy/birth overall, I feel like my anxiety levels were always through the roof. My pregnancies literally revolved around prayer, tears, and naps. However, knowing that God graced my life with two amazing souls is so overwhelming to me and I can't help but feel God's love every single time I get to photograph a pregnancy. No matter what symptoms a woman might have or how swollen she might be or how over everything she is, I can't help but see them as absolutely stunning. They literally are two souls in one. And if that's not an amazing thing to capture and hold still in photographs forever, then I don't know what is!

Lianet, featured on this post, is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met in my entire life (just normally! lol) but just when I thought she couldn't be any more beautiful, she proved me wrong. And if anyone knows me... I do not like being wrong lol But I was perfectly ok being wrong during this session because I am in love with how the images I captured turned out! Everything about this session was perfect. The location, the outfits, the family... her and the beautiful miracle she carries within her. Editing these images, I felt a little emotional, not going to lie... I am close to Lianet and have known her for years. I love her because she's amazing. I am proud of the woman she has become. And now she is blessed with a son who will be named Liam. 


The name of my first-born.

I can't wait to meet the little fella. I'm sure he is perfect.